Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not שלום But להיתראות

I can't not believe that I'm sitting here none months later on the plane home to Toronto writing one of my last blog postings (even though this will be posted when I get home). As you can probably tell from my blog, I have had a truly amazing year and one that I will not forget and I'm hoping that the friendships that I have formed will still be there in the years to come. But now on to how I spent my last day on Nativ 29!


After a morning of taking my last shower and packing almost everything, we as kibbutz walked to Ticho House for our kibbutz final banquet. The food that we had for lunch was very delicious with various pastas and salads and it was a great last meal in Israel. Before the banquet was over, speeches were given to and by Shosh and Nadiv and all of them were very touching and moving and really showed how much of a family we have become these past months and Yossi also gave a speech which was along the same lines. It was a very nice afternoon and an enjoyable way to conclude our time as Kibbutz 29. It was then back to Beit Nativ to have some down time and just hang out with all of my friends. At around 4:30 we all headed down to -3 for our final all Nativ banquet and that started with some great desserts and fruit from Holy Bagel but due to being so full from lunch I did not have that much to eat. We then headed into the auditorium where first speeches and gifts were given to Elkana and Yossi and just like the speeches earlier in the day, they really showed how close we have become with the two of them and how much of a friend they have become. Next Elkana gave his speech to us and then we watched the final Nativ video which Anna had put many hours into making and it was a great summary to a great year. Yossi then gave his final talk to all of us, where he thanked a bunch of people. It was then time to take everything out of our room, load the truck with our suitcases and then get on the buses to the airport.


Once we were at the airport, we all checked in to our flights and then before security we all hung out and waited for everyone. However we Canadians realized that we did not have much time until to our flight so we all started saying our tearful goodbyes and then it was through security and off to our flight. The flight itself was uneventful and I slept, watched The Princes and the Frog and just relaxed. The meals on the flight were so, so but due to being so hungry I ate almost everything. Once we landed in Toronto, I got through customs fine and then get my bags and somehow despite them weighing so much I got my bags and then walked/run out to my parents whom I was so happy to see.


Now sitting here finishing writing this on my couch at home, it feels weird to be home but at the same time I am very glad to see my family and friends here and it was great to sleep in my own bed last night. Now until June 13th, I will just be hanging around and catching up with friends and then I'm off to visit Sara and my Grandma before starting my summer job as a staff member on USY on Wheels.


So I don't know if this is the last blog posting, but if it turns out to be, then I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences over the course of the year and if you want to hear about anything just let me know.


Thanks for sticking with me throughout the year.