Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Adjusted to Kibbutz

Friday was spent finishing the last bit of unpacking and organizing that needed to be done before getting ready for Shabbat.

Our 1st Shabbat on Kibbutz was amazing. We started Friday night with Kabbalat Shabbat and Mariv in our Moadon. This Moadon will be our hang out place until Pesach so tomorrow during Yom Nativ (instead of Erev Nativ during 1st semester) we are going to decorate and make it feel like home. After tiffilot which were upbeat we headed to the Hadar Ochel for dinner. Dinner was a better that what we are used to at Beit Nativ so that was a great welcome. We then headed back to the Moadon for our 1st tisch, and while there was no Marzipan rugelach we did have Ein Tzurim chocolate croissants which will delicious. 

Shabbat morning we headed back to the Moadon for tiffilot which were short (around 2 hours) and I also read torah. Lunch was earlier then what we are used to, and while it was good I was not that hungry due to it only being 11:30. After lunch we had the head of the kitchen speak to us a bit about the Parasha and connecting it to his life story including his alyiah to Israel which was quite interesting. Shabbat afternoon I sat outside on the grass, playing games, reading and just hanging out with everyone. The weather was just right and I look forward to the weeks and months ahead of sitting outside. It was then time for Seudah Shlishit, Mariv and Havdalah and afterwards we had time to change before meeting back in the Moadon for the moment we have all been waiting for-finding out our jobs. I found out that I will be working in the Gan which is what I wanted to do, in order to gain the experience and hopefully learn different varieties of teaching. The rest of Saturday night was spent relaxing and getting a good night sleep for our 1st day of work.

Sunday I was very excited because I have been looking forward to the time that I can finally give back to Israel and the Kibbutz. After breakfast, the 6 of us working in the Gan were told that on the Kibbutz there are 5 different Ganim ranging in ages from newborns to age 5+ and we would be split up among them. I ended up with 2-3 years which I was fine with because I had worked with the same age group at camp during the summer. The 1st day was a bit hard due to the language barrier but I still had a great day. After work I had some down time before a BBQ dinner which was ok.

Monday was a better day in the Gan because my Hebrew was getting better and I also knew the routine a bit. As well due to my skill at learning names, I knew all the kids names and they also had warmed up to me a lot more so it was easier playing with all of them. Overall it was another great day and I'm looking forward to the months ahead and I can't wait to improve my Hebrew even more. Monday evening we did laundry for the first time on kibbutz which was fine but prior to doing so we had to label all our clothing with our laundry number, mine is 834.

Tuesday was our first Yom Nativ. We spent it choosing programs for our upcoming Yom Nativ's as well as decorating our Moadon to make it more of our home. Some of the Yom Nativ's that we have
coming up are: Yom Culture, Yom Handicap and much more along with programs that will be planned for Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron.  

Wednesday and Thursday were regular work days and I started adjusting and figuring out the routine and now at the end of the 1st week I feel that I will for sure enjoy my time in the Gan and working with the teachers and children.

As Shabbat is coming upon us I look forward to another restful Shabbat as well as Sunday, which is my good friend Max Marmer's brother's wedding that I was invited to and I'm sure I will have lots of stories to share.

The next few months will probably go very quickly but I will take advantage of every moment. Over Purim we have leadership seminar, then we have a week break for Pesach and in the beginning of May we have northern tiyul. 

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